Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title, I’ve found some affordable dupes that a currently on trend.

We all know fashion month has come and gone, and to be completely honest we’re already ahead of the collections – everything that’s out, we’re already doing.

Now not all of us can afford those luxury goods, so like always I found some affordable dupes of items we’re seeing all over fashion week; who said being fashionable had to be expensive?

QUICK NOTE: Before I start I just wanted to let everyone know (if you didn’t already know) that GUCCI has gone FUR FREE! Starting next year Gucci will not be using any fur – now I’m no fur lover, FAUX all the way, so this makes me incredibly happy!


All the trends I have listed are from my recent post; FASHION WEEK TRENDS



Check blazers are so in right now and they’re actually perfect for almost every outfit! I wear mine with shorts because it’s starting to get really warm, but if you’re heading into winter it’s a must have!

asos checked blazer here / missguided check blazer here



Monochrome outfits are the way to go right now, and no they don’t have to be black/white/grey. Don’t be afraid of trying new colours, play around with the tones of shades and find what you feel looks best.


blue skirt here / blue shirt here / blue blazer here



Yellow is everywhere and I love it! It’s such a happy colour and such a big statement colour so if you’re someone who wants a statement piece, go for something yellow.

yellow blazer here / yellow jumpsuit here



I’m jealous of those going into winter because all I want to wear is this set! Now suits aren’t for everyone, you need to be daring and take a chance when it comes to a pink suit! Don’t be afraid of giving it a go, any colour suits are empowering and a big fashion statement, also they’re not going anywhere!


pink blazer here  / pink trousers here


I would love to know your thoughts on the fashion week trends? Is there anything you’ll be trying this season? 

– A.L X


  1. You may want to start thinking about the conditions these clothes were made in- were workers well paid? Are they well treated? Where do the fabrics from from? Are they sourced from companies that follow decent environmental guidelines. Some companies like H&M have pledged to use 100% organic cotton so not all ethical and environmentally friendly fashion needs to be expensive

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    1. I’m well aware of conscious clothing – I recommend brands to those who can’t afford high end clothing. Not saying all high end clothing is any better but I’m very conscious of who makes my clothing and where they are from. But thank you for this comment, I hope my viewers read this. If you look at my older post, I did a whole post on the fashion revolution. X


  2. Love this post 💕💕I hope yellow never goes out of fashion I love that trend !! So happy Gucci is going fur free I think it’s such a great step in the right direction 💛

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