Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought it was time to do an update on summer must haves!

As we all know summer is approaching and it’s time to be ready even if you’re really not in summer. In Australia it’s starting to get really hot, and this year I’ve told myself I’m really going to focus on my summer wardrobe.

We all pretty much know what my style is, as I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers and fashion icons, but I had a look at one of my go-to in store fashion boutiques, I found so many beautiful summer pieces and thought I had to share it with my readers.

For those who don’t know, Dissh is an Australian/ Queensland based boutique that has a few stores around Queensland but also an online store that ships anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States. If you’re already a Dissh lover or new to the store, there is actually a discount going; you’re able to get 25% off full priced items if you use the code CARIN – in store and online now until the 22nd of November! 

Now onto the outfits; I want pieces that screamed summer and that were totally breathable but also fashionable. I also wanted heaps of colour and trying colours I don’t tend to look at.



I never liked wrap tops because they always seemed so complicated, but after trying a few on I’ve really found myself enjoying them. Wrap tops are so easy to wear and can really be worn with anything and everything. To dress them up I always recommend a pant or a nice midi skirt, with some heels or mules; then when it comes to dressing it down, pair it with some sneakers and denim shorts. If you’re someone who is afraid of having your boobs exposed, go for a simple crop underneath, but try to match it to the main colour of the top, or go for a simple black and white.


orange wrap top here / red wrap top here / green stripe wrap top here



When summer comes, I ALWAYS live in a playsuit, why? They’re so easy to wear and can be paired with anything. They’re always a good transiting piece, so if you’re at the beach and you’re in a playsuit but you’re in a rush to go to dinner, you can easily swap your shoes, put on some nice earrings and you’re ready to go. Also if you’re someone who hates boob sweat from wearing bra’s in summer, you can always go braless in playsuits!

blue off the shoulder playsuit here / yellow frill playsuit here



As this is more casual chic, I did find some nice casual dresses that are easy to dress up and dress down! Don’t think that off the shoulder is out either because it’s still fashionable and always a classic piece to have.

lime cami dress here / white off the shoulder dress here / yellow tie dress here



We all know I’m a pant lover, and this summer I’m really not in that bikini body mindset so wearing denim shorts for me isn’t a go-to! Pants are so easy to wear because you can throw them on with anything and they’re so easy to dress up and down. Oh and of course they’re breezy and you don’t have to shave your legs? Winning!

lime pants here / stripe pants here / orange pants here



Accessories are so important when it comes to summer because it’s your chance to really experiment and try something new. I’m loving scarfs at the moment, I think they’re so chic and classic, but finding the right scarf can be pretty hard! Go for a silk scarf that is thin so you’re able to breathe in it and not sweat. Scarfs are also super cute as tops or just tied around the neck – even if you’re not a fan of wearing scarfs, tie it around your bag and it’ll jazz up the look of your bag and make it look more expensive.

straw bag here / straw hat here / pink silk scarf here




I would love to know your favourite summer piece and if you have a go-to summer outfit? 

Also I just want to note that this post is NOT sponsored by Dissh and I do NOT use affiliated links. All opinions are my own and I have bee shopping at Dissh for years. 

– A.L X


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