Hello and welcome back to my blog!

As you can see from the featured image, for once, it’s a photo of me.


When I started Ainsley-Louise I thought it was just going to be pictures and no writing, but as I started I fell in love with writing and never took photos of myself. Maybe it’s because I was a bit too self conscious, or how every other blogger had photos in NYC or London, or maybe because I didn’t have anything designer – but all that is changing.

So hello and welcome.




I don’t want to get deep on here or talk about my private life, but fashion has been such a big influence on my life and I can’t imagine myself not doing something fashion related; I know it sounds so cheesy but it’s true.

For those who don’t know I’m actually a qualified stylist and now looking into doing fashion business and one day open up my dream boutique.



I dragged my beautiful best friend out a few days ago and asked if she could get some shots for me and she did an amazing job! I’m super awkward with photos and of course so picky, but in this industry you can’t be holding stuff back, you just need to do it and do it now.

That’s another big thing I’ve learnt about the fashion industry – if you’re going to do something you better do it now. So many people jump into this industry, but if you’re someone who can’t make up their mind and want everything to be perfect, this is not for you.


Before the new year begins I’ve decided to start my “new years resolution” and one of them is to post photo’s of myself on my blog, shocker! I’ll go on a hunt for some new locations and see what I can work with.



For those who live in Brisbane, Kangaroo Point has amazing photo opportunities and really nice views of the city! Obviously for me the lighting was only good on the other side and next to the parking meter!



Slip dress  HERE / Bowie t-shirt (from Verge Girl but sold out)

Photographer: Jessica Collie (follow her here)

I would love to know what you think of this post? I know it’s a little different but surprise it’s me!! I plan on doing more how to style and my usual stuff, but with photos of me so sorry for that quality going down!!! 

– A.L X

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