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For today’s post I wanted to talk about what to wear to a job interview – it’ll be a bit different depending on where the interview is and what company it’s with, so I’ll be giving tips on a professional look and a more fashionable look.

As I said every interview will be different, so you really need to know who/what the brand is and what they stand for. If it’s a fashion job it’s always good to go with clothing that represents the brand but also keeping it professional. If it’s a more high end sophisticated job it’s always better to go with a professional look.



One of the best pieces to wear is a suit/blazer because it’s a powerful statement but also very professional. If you’re a bit over the traditional black blazers, go for a nice statement colour; no matter what job it is, a blazer is always a go to, but make sure the colour isn’t crazy bold but is something different. Dark purples are so easy to wear and so powerful, also go for the on trend check blazer.



If you’re going to wear a dress make sure it’s knee length because its a professional look and it covers majority of your body – you don’t want to walk into an interview and accidentally flash your underwear because your dress is a bit too short. A black dress is always easier to wear and always look nice with a statement blazer.



If you’re going for a job in the fashion industry, keep it professional but also show who you are through your clothing. If you’re someone who loves trousers, wear your favourite trousers. Always remember to look professional and sophisticated but show your personality through your clothing.



Make sure your shoes are clean and ready to go and make sure your bag is in good condition. Nothing is worse than having a beautiful outfit and then torn up shoes. Same with make up and hair, don’t go for anything crazy, do a soft glam or more natural make up, and don’t be afraid to do a red lip.





purple suit here / wrap dress here / check trousers here

red trousers here / blue heels here / black bag here


I hope this helps anyone who is going to an interview – and if you are good luck!! I would love to know if there’s any other posts you’d like me to do? 

– A.L X


  1. Haha I’ll never forget what I wore to my first job interview. I was probably 17, and I wore flats that had cheetah print, a knee length cotton pencil burgundy skirt, and a ratty old black top that was a bit see-through, so I wore an under shirt. Ugh, it was horrible. Now, that I actually care about fashion, and enjoy the sophisticated look, I’ll never repeat that mistake again haha.

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

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