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So I may have started a little series, all to do with getting out of a style rut – for those who haven’t seen my blog post about it, check it out here.

I’m not going to lie and say my style is the best and I never go through this because I do, all the time. I’m constantly looking at new clothes and then screaming because I have nothing to wear and end up wearing the same thing over and over again.

I’m not saying wearing the same thing all the time is bad, but it’s a bit boring, especially when you’re interested in fashion. I thought I’d create this series going into depth about how to get out of a style rut, especially when you feel like you’re not getting out of it anytime soon.



This might sound like the WEIRDEST tip, but if you’re someone like me and is sooooo lazy when it comes to washing, make sure you wash all of your dirty clothes before starting this wardrobe cleanse. It’s a lot easier going through your items when you know they’re all there, otherwise you’re going to have random clothing rock up and it’ll just ruin the vibe! Make sure you wash all your dirty clothes the day before so when you decide to do your clean they’re all ready.



I’m giving these tips out in steps, and in all honesty I did this today in my wardrobe (did take photos but didn’t like the end result) and wow it’s a messy process but so worth it. I start by draws, I do the top/ first draw and make my way down – I throw everything onto my bed and make three piles, the “charity” pile, the “maybe” pile and the “bin” pile. I do make a bin pile because some of my items are just so old and not worth giving to charity. After I’ve made my piles I fold everything back up and neatly put them in the draws.



Being organised is something I’m trying to work on, but it’s hard, especially with wardrobes. Every time I do a cleanse, everything stays neat for a week, if I’m lucky. I’ve noticed the way you organise  your clothing makes the BIGGEST difference. I did this whole cleanse to either throw out the stuff I don’t wear or to wear the stuff I don’t wear, but in this case, I went to town on giving things away. I put all of my shirts in colour order because that’s easier for me, I love knowing I can easily reach for my white tee without ripping the whole wardrobe apart. When it came to my hanging items I stayed away from colour organisation because I’ve did it all the time and wanted to try something different; so I put the items into their section, skirts with skirts, pants with pants and so on. It’s nice to colour coordinate pieces you use everyday, but when you’re trying to make use of the things you don’t wear, make sure they’re out there and available for you to grab. If there’s a shirt you really like but you haven’t worn it in ages but you want to, put it on a hanger and hang it somewhere you’ll see it everyday.



In all honesty, I have attachment issues, so going through my wardrobe is always so hard. After you’ve revamped your wardrobe, it’s time to go through the “maybe” pile and really ask yourself if it’s worth it? Will you actually wear it? What would you wear it with? If you’ve answered yes then put it in your wardrobe, BUT if it’s not worn within a few weeks it needs to go. You can really tell if you’re going to wear something within the first two weeks, if it’s that important or so stylish, you would be wearing it – so if you’re not, it’s time to say goodbye and move on.



Since you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe, think about what you’re doing with your clothes. I always donate mine to charity because I don’t see the point in selling them, especially when they’re a bit old and someone else in need can use them. I’m not saying selling your clothes is a bad thing, just ask yourself if you need an extra $5 when someone who doesn’t have $5 can have it for free.



If you like to shop, then you should be doing wardrobe clear outs frequently. If you’re happy with the amount of clothes you have and feel like you’ve really gotten rid of anything, don’t feel the need to throw stuff away because you’ve done a bit of shopping. For my job I have to buy new clothes so it’s a bit ridiculous for me to throw out items I still wear. I did do a Princess Polly order recently and though I only bought a few things I thought it would be better if I gave away extra clothing, some clothing I told myself I’d wear but probably wouldn’t. Just make sure if you’re doing a big shopping spree, remember what you have and if you don’t wear it, donate it.


That’s all the tips I have for clearing out wardrobes! If you have any good tips don’t be afraid to comment, I love knowing more tips! I’m really excited for this “series” and to really talk more about getting out of a style rut because we’ve been there done that and it’s not fun!

– A.L X



  1. Thank you for reminding me that I really have to do this before 2017 ends haha (I’ve been trying to avoid cleaning my wardrobe for the longest)
    But you’re right! I usually ask myself: When was the last time you wore this? And if the answer is a year ago, I usually end up giving it away.
    So thanks for sharing this post – I’ll let you know how my wardrobe cleanse battle went! 😉
    xo Laura

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    1. Yes do it!!! You always feel so much better after! I will admit I got half way through and had a hissy fit because I couldn’t be bothered finishing but I did!! I felt amazing after so no regrets! You’ve got this xxx let me know how it goes and how you feel after!! X


  2. I clean out my closet every six months. I put all of my clothes on hangers and hang them backwards. When I wear it, I wash it and then put it on the hanger the normal way. After 6 months, whatever is still hanging backwards, I get rid of. 🙂

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  3. You’re so right! I find that it’s super important to get rid of things as new pieces come in. I’m already surrounded by clothes, but I’d literally be buried in them if I didn’t purge things from time to time.
    Tasha Juli

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so good to just let things go! I find myself being so attached to things and when you finally let them go it’s like YASSS! It’s so nice having space in your wardrobe because it means more shopping hahah XX


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