Hello and welcome back to my blog!

I don’t want to explain this again and would rather jump into this post, so if you’re after part one, click HERE  and for part two, click HERE.

Last time we talked about comfort zone and getting out of it, for the second last part, we’re talking about finding inspiration which can often be the hardest.

Inspiration is something that comes to you, it’s hard to go out and seek for inspiration, especially when you’re not digging anything at all. This post is going to help the way you look at inspiration and how to find it, also the best ways to find it and make sure you’re keeping on track with it.



When I say get rid of things, I don’t mean those shoes you don’t like, I mean on your social media’s. Say you follow another blogger and you follow them for the sake of following them, unfollow, asap. Having photos on your social feeds that you don’t like will really turn you away from social media, which isn’t what we want when it comes to inspiration. Social media is your friend, for once, so be kind to it and it’ll provide you with amazing pictures.



As I have two separate accounts for instagram, I find that with my styling account, I will follow everyone who has a great style. You know when you follow someone and it comes up with recommended underneath? Click on all the profiles until you find ones you like and follow them! I find it good following people who aren’t my style because you don’t want the same boring stuff constantly on your feed, that’s another big way to lose motivation and inspiration. I follow a lot of accounts that aren’t normally my style, but I love the way the outfits are put together and I find it’s a good way to get inspiration when you see someone styling something different. Another tip is to not follow someone off their numbers, if someone has good style but barely any followers, show them some lovin’.



I love mood boards so much because they’re fun to make and they really are a big difference to the way you look at fashion. When I say mood board I don’t mean what your favourite item at the moment is , I mean everything – from music to food and of course fashion. I put mood boards together on Pinterest because it’s easier but go ahead and print them out! Mood boards really tell a story and do give you that motivation you need – I always add David Bowie into mine because I love him so much and his music inspires me, also he is such a big fashion icon and reminds me it’s okay to be different.



We all have our go-to shop when you’re after an outfit, but next time you’re after an outfit, go to a different store or find a new one. I LOVE little boutiques and online stores; finding new clothing stores for me is heaven – I love little designers and supporting them, not to mention all the different styles. If you’re constantly shopping at places that are mass produced aka, fast fashion, try to find something local. Also when you’re going into a new store don’t just do a lap and walk out, really get in there, try some items on even if you’re a bit worried (cough cough COMFORT ZONE) take a friend or get a worker to help you out.



Go through your old clothes, pick out a random outfit and style them. Stand in front of a mirror and play around with clothing and accessories – I ALWAYS do this, especially with clothing I love but never wear as much because it motivates you to try new things and it’s a fun way of finding new styles. Be someone who isn’t afraid of playing around and wear it all with confidence.


I thought I’d add in below some of my favourite instagram accounts and the people I find inspiration from – remember there’s a difference between copying someone and getting inspiration.

Megan Ellaby – Total babe, her style is so different and quirky.

Maria Bernad – Taking over the fashion industry, a big must follow!

Samantha Maria – Forever one of my favourties.

Camille Charriere – We all know my love for Camille.


That’s all for now, but stay tuned for Tuesday because that’ll be my last post of the series, and just a little hint; it’s to do with shopping! I really hope this series is helping you out with your style rut, or maybe you’re not in one but still want some inspiration! 

– A.L X


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