Hello and welcome back to my blog!

As you all know I have been doing a little “series” called Getting out of a style rut and this is this final chapter! I’ve talked about a wardrobe cleanse, comfort zones and finding inspiration, now it’s time for a new and better chapter; shopping.

This last part isn’t an essential, but if you’re someone who has just done the other steps and is ready for the last chapter, it involves spending a bit of money!

Instead of me talking and talking, I thought I’d get straight into this post;



We all know clothes are not cheap – we also know that designer clothing isn’t a must have, but only a want. When it comes to spending money on your clothes, but conscious of the amount you’re spending – if you have a lot of money to spend on clothing that’s great, just still be money conscious. I feel like this tip is a bit hypocritical coming from me because I can not save money at all, I’m terrible and love to spend, but as clothing isn’t cheap, I really look at where my money is going and if it’s worth it. I ALWAYS find a discount code for online shopping, if there’s no code I won’t end up buying it. Normally when I do an online shop, I go into Youtube and type in, for example; “Princess Polly Haul” and you’ll find these bigger youtuber’s leaving discount codes for their viewers and sometimes it’s 20% off which is always great. I love to shop and I’m in the industry where you want to shop and have some of the latest trends, but it’s expensive so I always try to save and put money aside for clothing.



So I get you’ve cleaned out everything, maybe thrown all of your clothes away and ready for a new start. but before you get into some hardcore shopping, really think about the difference between WANT and NEED. If you’ve thrown out all your underwear you probably do need more, but you don’t need that top you basically already have. Be aware of what you do already have and make sure what you’re buying is something you actually need.



Continuing on with the want and need, I know a lot of my followers live overseas and are heading into winter, so what I’d always recommend is investing in good outwear. Coats and jackets are one of those things you always need throughout winter, so if you have a little extra to spend, really get yourself a nice coat that will never go out of style and can go with anything. I’m not saying head over to Burberry and buy one of their trench coats, there are still so many more affordable pieces you can get that will last you forever. All I’m saying is make sure it’s something you can wear forever and it’s something you’re okay spending a little extra on.



I can’t say this enough but you do not need to spend your money on the latest trends. Being a stylist and a little blogger, I really can’t afford to keep up with trends nor do I really want to – yes some trends are beautiful, but the second you buy something trendy, another trend comes in. I’m all for new clothing, but sometimes you need to remind yourself that you don’t need it. I was totally apart of the check blazer trend because it was perfect and though I’m basically in summer, it’ll be my go-to for winter. It’s great when there’s trends that probably won’t go out of style or you’ll know they’ll be coming back around. Spend money on the pieces you like and don’t worry if they’re not super trendy, at the end of the day you’re wearing it and that’s all that matters.


I really hope this little mini “series” helped some of you who have done a cleanse or are planning to! It’s such a great thing to do and you feel so much better after!

If you have any other idea’s of a mini series don’t be afraid to let me know, I love writing and talking about fashion! Also keep an eye out for the next few weeks, I’ve been doing some more shoots which means more post’s with my face in it haha! 

– A.L X

12 thoughts on “STYLE RUT PT.4: A NEW BEGINNING

  1. I’m getting ready to do a purge of my own wardrobe. I’ve set the goal of two boxes full. I’m having some heart palpitations about it, but I know that in the end, not having an overflowing closet is going to give me some mental peace and cut down on the time I spend deciding what to wear. Good for you in going through this process.

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  2. This is such a great reminder that after purging my closet, it doesn’t mean I need to refill it with new pieces right away. I can spend some time finding timeless items and saving some money so I won’t need to purge quite as much next year.

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