Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog!

For today’s post I wanted to feature my new go-to summer dress that I’m so obsessed with at the moment.

A week ago, I got some photos done in this beautiful dress ( you’d know if you follow my instagram HERE) and I thought I’d show you how I styled it.


Originally it was a casual and dressed up look, but I didn’t like how the casual turned out so I thought I’d add the dressed up photos and I love them so much!

As always what I’m wearing will be linked below.



It’s not obvious red is such a big summer colour and wow do I love it! I love it that much most of my wardobe is red.

Everyone needs atleast one summer dress, something that’s easy and a go-to; you wan’t to be able to throw it on and go anywhere.



The main reason why I love this dress is that it’s so easy to wear and so easy to transition from day to night. All I had to do was put on some heels and it was really dressed up – not to mention it’s a dress you don’t have to wear a bra with so total win.



Also when it comes to summer dresses, you need the perfect summer accessories – I found this beautiful straw square bag and wow I can fit my whole life into it and it’s so cute.


It’s so simple but yet such a beautiful statement; I recommend getting this bag for summer, especially if you’re like my and don’t like carrying around bags.

IMG_0066 Summer dress here / straw bag here  / heels (my mum bought them years ago but I’ll find something similar of course) here/ earrings here

Photographer: Jessica Collie

I would love to know if you’re all about an easy summer dress? And if so what colour would you reach for? I think mine is pretty obvious. 

– A.L X

23 thoughts on “SUMMER DREAMIN’

  1. I love this dress! But can I ask what type of bra (or tape or sans bra) you are wearing with it? I always have difficulty with pieces like this that are a bra challenge.

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    1. I’m actually not wearing a bra at all in this one!! I did think about it, but those stick on bras would be great for a dress like this! I’d recommend a normal strapless bra but the dress is backless and you’ll see a bit of it, but you can always get those skin colour sticky bras that stick on and they’re pretty comfortable! X

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