Hello and welcome back to my blog!

For today’s post I’m going to do a little “what I’m packing for my holiday” post because surprise I’m actually leaving the house and going on a holiday.

I’m not saying where I’m going, yet, but I will be doing outfit photos on my instagram account and maybe a blog post after.

Where I’m going is hot and I mean very hot; all you need to know is that I’m gone for a few days, I have a tiny suitcase, a lot of events planned and I need to be keeping myself cool.

I was thinking of taking photos of everything that’s going in my suitcase but I haven’t really packed yet and there’s outfits I’m not ready to show because they’re in an upcoming blog post!



When I go on a holiday I do the whole, how long am I there for, will I be going out for dinner somewhere fancy? Every little thing, I try to think of because I know that’ll help me with packing. I’m not saying I’m a perfect packer because I’m terrible and ALWAYS overpack, but I’m trying to be smart about what I’m taking.



I’m a list person, I love writing things down and making a list. I’m more of a pen and paper person than on my phone – not sure why. Every time I book a holiday or it’s at least two weeks away, I’ve got my list ready so when it comes to the night before I can throw everything in and go.

I write down the usual stuff like underwear, socks, bra’s, etc. But this time I tried to make sure I wasn’t taking the same pair of denim shorts and a white t-shirt because I wear that to death. I did buy some new clothes so I’m planning on wearing them instead of my go-to ones.

As I have a few events to go to for this trip I’ve made sure I’ve planned my outfits out well in advance so I know what I’m wearing for what.



I’ll admit it, I take way too many shoes on my trip, but I have a reason why. So we call flip flops thongs in Australia and they’re great for everything, no one wants to quickly run down the road and have to spend ages putting on their shoes. So I always take a pair of thongs with me, high heels and one pair of sneakers/converse BUT – this time I’m adding more shoes because some events are too casual and you can’t wear heels so I’m taking my loafer slides.



I’m trying something new where I take photos of outfits I’ve put together so I don’t get on my holiday and complain about not having anything to wear. It’s not like I’m going to be shopping because I’m still in Australia and it’s all the same stores, I just don’t want to fall into the habit of constantly wearing the same thing.



For me, the most important thing is my carry on because you’re stuck on a plane for a few hours and you need to be prepared.

Here’s a little checklist of what ALWAYS goes in my carry on;

  • A book – I’m currently reading “IT” and I’m obsessed
  • Headphones – I will never leave the house without headphones
  • Gum – I like to chew gum during take off and landing because of my ears popping
  • SNACKS – I’m constantly hungry so snacks are always a must
  • Water – always need to stay hydrated
  • Phone charger – not always necessary but some flights you can charge your phone
  • My emergency kit  – I take my emergency kit everywhere, it’s just a little bag that has some tampons, pads, my asthma puffer, hair bands, bobbles and something antibacterial.
  • Face moisturiser or sheet mask – When you’re up that high in the air, your face tends to get really dry and dehydrated, so before I leave, I make sure to take a travel sized moisturiser so I can keep my face hydrated on the flight.



I’m not the biggest make up person, but I still like to make sure my face looks fresh and nice. When I travel I try not to take all of my skin care and make up because half the time I don’t use it.

The main skin care products I use the most when travelling are;

  • moisturier
  • cleanser / exfoliating scrub
  • sunscreen
  • some sort of facial spray/ mist

and for make up;

  • foundation and or BB cream
  • bronzer, highlighter, blush
  • eyebrow penic
  • mascara – I’ve actually had eyelash extensions so for this trip I won’t be bringing mascara but it’s normally always in my make up bag
  • an eyeshadow pallet that has all the colours I need and will use
  • lipstick

You’d be pretty surprised to know how much room you can save when you cut down on your make up and skin care products.



I haven’t talked so much about the basics I’m packing, like a toothbrush because that’s common sense. But there’s always the little things like spare camera battery, battery pack for my phone, extra bags I’m taking with me like a clutch – just thing’s people don’t think of when they pack.


Sorry this post was a little different tonight! I’ve always loved packing and knowing what everyone else takes on a holiday so I thought I’d share my whole process of what I do! Keep an eye out for my instagram page  HERE  to see my outfits I’m wearing on this holiday.

– A.L X



featured image via: Pinterest


  1. I really liked your post made me think really hard on what I need to pack when me and my family leave for japan. I literally try to take everything to the point I can’t zip the luggage. Great post very informative

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally agree. We’re moving so I feel like I have to pack everything but I’m gonna do process of elimination because I really don’t wear all of my clothes.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. OOh I just finished IT! I watched the movie and then felt bad that I didn’t read the book, so I did! And I really enjoyed it (even if it was super long).

    I just made a post similar to yours on my blog! We have similar thoughts on packing.

    Also, how was your experience with eyelash extensions? I’m blonde so mine are super light and I feel so naked without mascara. I’ve been thinking of getting them but am kind of nervous. Let me know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The book took me so long to get through but no regrets!!

      I thought I would never get eyelash extensions because I didn’t want them to ruin my eyes but they’ve really changed my life without sounding so dramatic. I don’t have any on at the moment and I’m getting them redone soon but I still refuse to wear mascara. Do your research and find a really good company, stalk their insta and maybe go in for a little consultation if you’re a bit worried. I hope that helps! XX

      Liked by 1 person

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