Hello and welcome back to my blog!

As you all know I’ve been trying to get into more photos of me, so here it is.

I dragged my bestie back out again and we went into the city and got some photos.



I’m actually so in love with Brisbane City and I think there’s everything you need there. Yeah it’s a bit crowded but that’s always to be expected. I love going into a city, I love the buildings and I think every city looks amazing at night.


As it’s basically summer, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable but also stylish. I’m still so in love with the check blazers and had to bring mine out. Also denim skirts?? I was never a fan until I got the one I’m wearing and now I can’t take it off. The same with belts, I never understood belts, especially for holding bottoms up because I got things that didn’t need a belt, but wow they’re an amazing fashion statement.



I wanted to wear my “ruled by none” shirt because it’s so relatable to my life right now. I think it’s important to step back in life and look at what the hell is going on, then you can slowly work on things. I’ve had a pretty rough year and right now I’m feeling great – I’m feeling positive and inspired, especially with my blog.

Enough of me getting deep; I love a red lip with everything, it’s currently my go-to and it really adds more to my outfit. I don’t wear a lot of make up or do much with my hair, so when I put on a red lip it actually looks like I’ve put some effort in.


Ruled by none t-shirt here / denim skirt here / belt here / check blazer here

backpack here / shoes (similar) here

Photographer: Jessica Collie

I hope you’re all enjoying my posts with me in it haha, I love going out and taking photos so expect to see it more.

– A.L X

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