Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

For today’s post I thought I would do a little chit chat on something that’s been hitting me hard at the moment – getting into the fashion industry.

Now I’m no big stylist or blogger, but I have had experience in the industry and I’ve realised some things I wish I knew before I chose this career path. I’m not complaining or being ungrateful because this is the life and industry I want to be in, I just want to help those who need a reality check with the industry.

I’m going to keep this post super casual and just give my tips on what I’ve learnt so far;



We all know that when you want something in life you have to work hard for it. As the fashion industry is so huge and there’s so many people like us wanting the same career, you need to work hard. The harder you work the more people will notice and see how passionate you are about the industry. If you think you can post a few photos on instagram and get followers you’re very wrong, you can’t expect it to come to you, you need to work 10x harder than anyone else.



The best way to learn about the industry is to do internships, or find ways to get work experience with someone in the industry. It can be hard depending on where you live but don’t be afraid to email your local stylist or designer and ask if you can do an unpaid internship or if they’re looking for an assistant. If you cant get any experience I highly recommended giving yourself experience; if you’re wanting to be a stylist, find a photographer and model who is also starting out and start to make your own photoshoots and build up your portfolio.



I’ve had the longest and most stressful week of my life; I went into my work’s head office to help out with a photoshoot and that was a very long day, but it was amazing and I’m so thankful I was able to do it. You’re going to have moments where you won’t be able to sleep and you’ll get up early the next morning and 10 coffees won’t help you stay awake – you need to push through those hard days and sleepless nights because the outcome is always so worth it. There’s always going to be shit moments in life, especially in the fashion industry and you’ll probably rethink your career path but then realise how amazing it is working in fashion and doing what you love.



I  got to a point in my life where I just felt so done with the industry because nothing was happening to me, but I was waiting around not doing anything about it. You can’t expect the industry to come to you. You can’t expect someone from Vogue to come across your instagram page and go wow that person is amazing let’s hire them. There’s no sitting around in fashion and if you think you can, find a new career.



This has been the biggest problem for me and I’m sure for many others. As everything is so social media based and we’re all glued to our phones, we come across people who are doing/wanting the same thing as us but they’re further in their career than you are. I’ve come across people who are the same age as me, maybe a bit younger and have an amazing job in fashion and are living in the best locations around the world and I’m sitting here like “ok but why isn’t that me?” the answer to that is because I’m not working hard enough and it’ll take time! You need to STOP comparing yourself with others in the same industry because it won’t get you anywhere in life. You need to take those people and go hell yeah you go girlfriend, I’m going to work extra hard this week so one day I can be in the same position. 99% of people in the fashion industry have worked hard to get to where they are, you need to do the same and it’ll all pay off.


I love being able to just talk to you all about how I’m feeling within the industry – I also hope that it can help those who are trying to get in fashion. It’s stressful but you can do it, everything is worth it!

– A.L X


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