Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

As the year is basically over, I have decided to do a little run down on what we saw this year (fashion wise) and talk about the best trends of the year.

If I’m being completely honest, this year was great for fashion – there was nothing that really made me go WHYYY. It was a year of beautiful clothing and amazing trends; so now I have high expectations for 2018.

To stop me from rambling on, let’s get straight into these trends!



If you don’t know about check blazers you actually lived under a rock this year. I would have to say check blazers were the biggest fashion trend of the year – they were seen everywhere and I’m not complaining! We all know I got involved with this trend and it’s something I’ll be wearing forever.


There’s always that one colour everyone wears but this year there were so many! The main colour trend was mustard/yellow but a lot of people wore some amazing colours this year. We saw a lot more red, pink and blue – also the way we saw it was creative, fun and totally wearable.


I’ve talked about monochrome outfits on my blog before, but towards the end of the year we saw it A LOT. It was such an amazing trend to end the year on – I’ll be taking this trend into 2018.


Gucci. I don’t know where to start with Gucci. It was the biggest trend of the year AND is the most popular brand, but we all know why. Either you had Gucci sneakers or a Gucci Dionysus bag or even that overpriced t-shirt that said Gucci- everyone knows about Gucci. I have a huge respect for Alessandro Michele, he took the brand and made it something everyone would know. You’ll see a dupe and be like “oh that’s Gucci” or you’ll see a snake print and be like “there’s Gucci”. It’s not hard to see something that’s Gucci or something inspired by Gucci. I was amazed by the collections and how the brand is everywhere; we all know I’m a Chanel girl but I’m in on this Gucci trend and can’t wait to see what happens next year with Gucci.


Once again suits have been a trend for years but we saw it at it’s peak towards the end of the year! I’m still obsessing over pink suits and will be wearing them forever. They’re an amazing and powerful statement.


A huge trend we saw this year was gingham! You either loved gingham or hated it; I did talk about it a lot on my blog but I’m getting sick of seeing it still. Gingham was cute for the start of the year but now it’s time to move on to a better pattern.


I can’t lie and say I hated this trend because I love it and still do. I’m obsessed with this straw bag trend and hope it never dies down. I bought myself a box “straw” bag and I use it everyday, it’s my go-to. I love straw bags in summer and because I live in Australia it all falls into place, so I totally get it if you live in England where it’s always cold and you don’t like the straw bag trend. It was seen all over summer and was that perfect statement piece.


Bell sleeves have been around for years now, but they did have a peak this year. I love oversize and detail sleeves, but personally didn’t get into the trend. I loved seeing other bloggers rock it in winter and who knows it might be back next year, bigger and better.


The last trend I’m going to talk about is patchwork denim. I was so on-board for this trend and loved it. Some things went a little too far but other than that, patchwork/ contrast denim killed it and I hope it continues.


There’s been many more trends but these were the mains I saw this year and wanted to talk about! I would love to know what your favourite trend was this year? Also who is ready for 2018?

– A.L X



122 thoughts on “THE BIGGEST FASHION TRENDS OF 2017

  1. Great post!

    My favorite of the year and of all time actually has to be the over sized blazers. I love how the bell sleeve is making a comeback, and I can’t wait to get my buns in a beautiful pair of jeans with patchwork.

    Big believer in wearing clothes, not letting the clothes wear me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This is so true even for 2018 especially the pink suit part.Those things will never go out of style. I actually just did a post on how to style them if you want to check it out. Definitely following even though I am a year late.

    Liked by 1 person

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