Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

Last year I decided to make some changes and the main thing I wanted to do on my blog was post more photos of me, so here are some more snaps, of me.


I wanted to keep things super casual because right now that’s what my style is, nothing complicated and something I can easily throw on.


I don’t know why but at the moment basics are just my go-to, I mean who doesn’t love a basic? It’s summer here so I’m trying to let my body breathe but also look fashionable, which is hard; especially when I’m envious of everyone wearing coats and jeans.



I was always that person who hated denim skirts, but since getting one it’s really changed my style – I always swap denim shorts for a skirt, it’s more comfortable and always looks cute. I find that skirts are always easy if you want that dressed up look without committing and dressing up.


I still have my trusty summer “straw” bag which I use everyday, I still recommend everyone getting one – you can fit your whole life into it, BUT, I’m also obsessing over sunglasses at the moment. I mean I’ve always loved them but I recently bought a different cat eye shape and it’s so cute – you would be seeing them everywhere because they’re so trendy, but anything cat eye and I’m sold!



I bought some espadrilles from Zara a few days ago and they’re currently my go-to shoe – yes they look a bit like tea towels but they’re so comfy it’s ridiculous.Β  They’re such a good statement as well, especially when you’re living in your basics and need that statement piece; which we all know I’m about.


Photographer:Β Jessica Collie

I would love to know your thoughts on basics? Are you currently all about keeping it simple, or all about statement pieces? I’m currently in a chilled period with my style and just want to keep everything simple.Β 

– A.L X

31 thoughts on “KEEPING IT CASUAL

  1. Simple is great. It takes the time out of deciding what to wear, (although that’s what I tell myself but it doesn’t always work lol).
    I am also big on a statement piece. Whether it be shoes/trainers or an item of clothing, typically a blazer. What’s heat about this is, it doesnt have to be complicated. Just a colour that stands out.

    Nice pics. It’s something I have to work on for my own blog.

    Good job AL

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  2. It was definitely a good idea to post more pictures of yourself because these are all so beautiful! I’m loving the outfit and I don’t think simple is a bad thing at all, especially when you have a bright lip like here, it makes it look much more sophisticated! Plus the colours are amazing in the background! x

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m loving simple with a pop of colour like a red lip, it’s such a go-to at the moment but it’s so easy to wear and like you said adding the lipstick gives it that more sophisticated look! Xx

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