Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

Before I get into this post I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to me – a year ago (on Saturday) I posted my first ever post on Ainsley-Louise and wow that freaks me out but makes me feel so happy. Oh and yes I celebrated with my amazing friends, BUT I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is following me, reads all my posts and comments on them, without you I’d feel so unmotivated and wouldn’t have made it to my one year mark. I can’t wait to see how much I’ve grown after two years, this is only the beginning!

Now onto the post;

As we hit a new year, we’re bound to have more trends, some we love and others not so much – so I thought I’d talk about the trends that will forever stay so you don’t need to jump from trend to trend and you can invest.

Don’t get me wrong I love trends, but I love buying pieces I know won’t go out of style.



Do not try to tell me that skinny jeans aren’t fashionable because they so are. I’m sick of seeing articles about skinny jeans not being stylish anymore and it’s such a lie. Not only are they the perfect fitting jean but they look amazing and you can wear it with everything; also when I say skinny jean I don’t mean something that you can’t walk in, I mean a jean that hugs in all the right places and looks amazing.



If you’ve been with me throughout the year you know I mention statement pieces in every post and I’m sorry but it’s all for a good reason. Whether you’re a minimalist or you go hardcore on colours, you need a statement piece. If you’re someone who is a minimalist, go for a statement in your colour pallet, don’t change your style for one piece. Always have something in your style range that you love and will consider a statement; for me, it’s red shoes – now red is my colour and I love it but if I’m going for something simple ill pull out my red shoes and make sure they’re popping. Statements will never die so don’t be afraid to go all out on them.



This is something that is silhouette based, but oversized anything is a must. I’m big on my oversized t-shirts because they’re comfortable and they look good with a high-waist denim skirt or jeans. Now if we’re going to talk about the oversized trend just take note it’s not for everyone – I find it works best for me because I have a column silhouette and it gives me that shape, but if you love oversized items you wear them!! Also it’s good to balance out the proportion with something more tight fitting to give you that shape, we don’t want to hide the shape but we want to enhance it.



I’ve talked about monochromatic outfits a lot of my blog but that’s because I love the trend. We’ve seen monochrome for years and now we’re getting that glimpse of bright colour monochrome, so let me just say, monochrome is here to stay. I love how there’s no rules to monochrome and you can go with any colour you want and it’ll always look fabulous – I’m currently on the hunt for a few more pieces so I can shoot an outfit don’t you worry, it’s happening soon!


I was going to talk about these two separately but they’re basically the same thing just different fabric. I highly recommend investing in a classic leather (or pleather) and denim jacket because they will NEVER go out of style. My mum gave me (more like I stole from her wardrobe) a denim jacket she bought when I was 5 and it’s my go-to jacket. They really don’t get outdated and they’re always good quality. I personally love a jacket that’s a little bit oversized so I can layer, but then I know it’ll still fit me in 10 years time. If you’re going to invest in something like a jacket, make sure it’s a timeless style, don’t buy a denim jacket with holes and rips everywhere because that trend has left and hopefully won’t be back for many years.



I just wanted to say another thank you to everyone who has supported me! I feel so so so blessed! I would also love to know your favourite trend that is here to stay? Or even a trend you wish would stay? 

– A.L X


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