Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

As you can see from the title, today’s post is all about changing your style. Now I most defiantly do not have my style down pat yet and that’s totally okay. I don’t want to say I believe in horoscopes but I believe that our star signs do show who we are and I’m a Gemini, so I have split personalities, which is why I haven’t found my style yet.

I’m really not complaining about not having “my style” because I dress how I feel; I’ve said it many times on my blog but you should always express yourself through clothing, so I do with my 10 other personalities.

I’m not going to ramble on about my Gemini problems and get straight into my tips on why you should change up your style as well as it being okay to try new things.



I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about this but it’s a big tip with style; TRY NEW THINGS. I hate to be a mum but if you’re someone who is stuck in the same style “routine” it’s time to change it up – stop wearing the same pair of jeans and a t-shirt, wrap a scarf around instead of a belt, get some statement shoes, do anything to take the outfit you wear everyday and make it into something fun and creative.


Dressing how you feel is probably the most important styling tip I could ever give; sometimes it’s really not about what you’re wearing, it’s about how you feel. If you’re feeling like a boss, put on something that makes you feel and look like one. Fashion is a form of art and a way people should express themselves. I’m not saying dress crazy like they do in fashion week (unless you want to because fashion week is everyday) but you should always express how you feel and play around with your style.


Another important tip is to get rid of old pieces and get in new ones – I don’t mean trends but if you’ve got a denim jacket with rips and holes, go to a vintage store and find a new jacket. I love being able to go shopping (though my bank account hates it) but it’s a good way to introduce new things. If you’re going to go out and buy some new clothing, don’t waste money on things you won’t wear, be smart about what you’re buying. Another good way to introduce new pieces is to play around with your old clothing – if I feel like my style has flopped, I’ll go into my wardrobe and play around with outfits, sometimes they’re a little bit OTT or just weird, so I’ll keep playing around until I’m happy with them.


At the moment I’m still loving the trends and constantly on the hunt for an item that will make me look trendy so if you’re having a style cleanse or changing it up, have a look into trends. If trends aren’t your thing, have a look at some older trends; I’m really big on not following trends and wear whatever you like, just keep in mind if you’re style is changing now it’ll most likely change again.


My last tip is something I’m really feeling at the moment and it’s the magical mood boards. If I’m in a style rut or just feeling like changing my style I’ll make a mood board – at the moment I’m obsessed with linen, the beach and head scarfs so that’s how I’m dressing and it gives me a chill mood, but I’m sure in a few months I’ll be back in my flares. Don’t be worried if your style changes and don’t be afraid to look at others for inspiration.


I would love to know if you’re currently changing styles like I am? Is anyone else a crazy Gemini? 

– A.L X


  1. I love the lightness and ease about this post…. It’s like a fresh breeze… and suddenly it feels like the change requires much less effort and hazard when we make in our heads 🙂 whats your favorite trend for 2018 so far?

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