Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

I thought for today’s post I’d keep it super casual and do a wishlist – I wanted to do a wishlist for a few reasons; I’m addicted to shopping, my style has changed and we’re in the peak of summer (well some of us).

If you’re a weekly reader you know I’m such a winter girl and you’ll also know I’m totally feeling summer this year. Something about the fashion I am LOVIN’; so before I show my little wishlist I thought I’d quickly mention the trends I’m loving.

Linen is everywhere at the moment and it’s currently my whole wardrobe, same with scarfs. I’m so obsessed with scarfs and I think they’re that perfect summer accessory, along with the straw bags that aren’t out of style just yet. Another thing I’m noticing everywhere and loving is white, I have a few white dresses now (linen of course) and I’m living in them – a red lip and some loafers and I’m ready to go.



white tie shoulder dress here / oversized navy shirt here / pink tie dress here

shoulder frill dress here  / stripe playsuit here / scarf here

oversized basket bag here / black mules here / straw bag here


If you look back at my older wishlists you can see that my style has changed a bit, but that’s fashion for you! My style will constantly be changing but I’ll always have my forever staples. I would love to know what your favourite summer trend is, or if you’re someone in winter, what are you ready to wear when your summer comes?

– A.L X

18 thoughts on “SUMMER WISHLIST 2018

  1. It’s funny you posted about the summer. I was thinking about it, too. But mine was mostly for vacay. LOL. I seriously need to plan my outfits for our trips because if I don’t I end up buying crap I don’t need 😦

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  2. LOVE linen! It’s funny you mention the summer. I was thinking about it, too. I need to start planning my outfits, otherwise I end up buying crap I don’t need or won’t wear later.

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