Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

As Fashion month has come to it’s end, I thought I’d do a little post on what is about to take over for 2018. We always have big trends of the year, some are great, some not so great; but I have a great feeling about trends of 2018! This year isn’t about what you’re wearing, it’s more of how you’re wearing it – styling is such an important thing when it comes to trends, a lot of the things we see on runways we may already have.



Every season the colours change, obviously; but this year we’re still seeing the same pink and red (together), emerald for those hitting winter, beautiful pastels and yellow. Now, if you’re about to hit winter, don’t let that stop you from wearing bright colours; bright colours are the new black.


I’m so excited to talk about details!! Details are such a BIG thing when it comes to fashion, if you’re someone like me, the first thing you notice is detail. If you’re wanting to be in the fashion industry it’s important to understand detailing and actually appreciate it, the smallest bit of detail can change a whole look. Now you’re either going to love it or hate it, but hello fringe. I’m personally not the biggest fan of fringe, but after seeing all the collections it’s starting to convert me (a little bit). Other than fringing, there’s the beautiful ruching which can really change a whole look.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, STATEMENTS ARE EVERYTHING! This year we’re already seeing more and more feathers, which I actually like. I’m enjoying all of the oversized feather pieces, as well as the feather detailing. We’re also about to see more sheer, but let’s do it right in 2018, let’s keep it fashionable and not trashy. Another statement that is all over runway is plastic? I’m not too sure how this trend will go but I’m sure someone will do something amazing with it and I’ll regret saying this.



As a fashion lover I shouldn’t say this, but as a Stylist, I am; I love fashion (month) for street style. I’ve written a whole post on why street style is important but I won’t go into it here; basically fashion week is that month where you can express yourself with clothing and not have people go WTF. It’s the best time of the year to be creative and coming from a stylist perspective, it inspires me. The main accessory I’ll point out this year is small bags; throw away the totes because they’re totes not happening this year (sorry for my lame pun but I laughed). Small bags are EVERYWHERE and they’re not planning on leaving anytime soon, especially bum bags. If you’re someone who loves to go hard on the accessories, here is your time to shine, but if you’re not someone who loves it, find a statement piece you can constantly wear. Don’t be afraid to clash colours with your accessories.



I feel like 2018 style was just made for me because I’M IN LOVE! We’ve talked about basics many times on this blog, as well as my favourite, the power suit, SO; this year we’re revamping it all. It’s time to update your basics and if you want to learn how, stay tuned because there will be a big blog post about it!


If you’re still a bit confused on these trends, don’t worry there will be more blog posts explaining each trend in detail! I would love to know which trend you’re the most excited for? Or maybe there’s a trend you don’t love at all? Let me know!!


– A.L X






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