Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

It is officially autumn here on the other side of the world, which can only mean one thing; WINTER FASHION! We all know I’m obsessed with winter and winter wear, so I thought it would be appropriate to start talking winter trends and get everyone ready for a fashionable winter.



I love winter colours a lot, but let’s be real sometimes it’s a struggle and it’s the same every year. We’re always seeing green and navy, which don’t get me wrong I’m LOVING emerald at the moment, it’s such a beautiful colour and easy to wear; BUT, it’s time to pull out more brighter colours. Red & Pink is still a hot combo and needs to be done more this winter, we’re also seeing some pastels which is stunning.



Lets talk jackets; if you’re like me and live in a place where it’s not so cold, jackets are perfect for winter (obviously). I’m obsessed with leopard print at the moment and I think it’s that perfect statement. If you’re wanting to stick with the trendiest trends, a green blazer is the way to go. Another big upcoming trend are windbreakers; I’m personally not the biggest fan of them and would only wear them with my active wear but they’ve been seen all over fashion week and will be a perfect casual but statement piece this winter.

green blazer here / faux fur jacket here / windbreaker here



I won’t talk too much about this trend because I’ve talked about it A LOT on my blog but suits are so trendy! Plaid/ Check blazers are such a go-to but if you’re wanting more of a statement, go for a colour like pink or green.



It’s not obvious that plaid is still a HUGE trend this winter and I’m not complaining. I really hope plaid (jackets mainly) stays in trend because it’s perfect for all year. We should all be familiar of this trend, so let’s take the next step and really try something new. It’s time to up your styling with plaid – add more colour OR clash patterns.

check jumper here / check blazer here



Of course when talking about trends I had to mention an upcoming trend that you will want to get on asap; SMALL BAGS! How weird does that sound? But yes, small bags are such a big winter trend. By small I don’t mean a bum bag, or those small bags that can fit only a packet of gum in, but small enough to probably fit your phone and that’s it. Why are we obsessing over small bags? Because they’re not THAT practical but they’re so cute and trendy.


Verge girl bum bag here



I’ve talked about it many times before but monochrome is here to stay. If you really want to take your winter style to the next level, monochrome is the way to go. Even better, green suit with a small bag? You’ve just done four trends. Take advantage of monochrome and don’t be afraid of wearing only one colour (that isn’t black or white).


I would love to know your favourite trend for winter? Are you like me and super excited for winter this year?

– A.L X

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