Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

For today’s post I thought I’d do a little wishlist because it’s now autumn and I’m just in the mood for some shopping.

I love putting together wishlists because my style changes so much. At the moment I’m really obsessing over sport luxe and of course oversized pieces for winter.


I was never really one to like “sport luxe”, but since I’ve been working out a lot more and basically living in my active wear, I thought might as well give it a go; especially now that winter is around the corner, I may as well get some windbreakers and comfy jumpers that I can work out in and pop on to pretend I’ve actually worked out when I really haven’t.

On the topic of winter, my winter wardrobe is going to be full of oversized outwear and jeans. I thought I’d stick for the darker navy blue jean, but I’m so obsessed with the light blue denim and think they’re perfect for an everyday look. I’m going to be experimenting more and more with my style this winter so keep an eye out!


oversized knit here / canvas jacket here / oversized blouse here

balloon sleeve jumper here / pink coat here / skinny jeans here

P.E Nation jumper here / windbreaker here / light blue jeans here


I would love to know if you’re digging sport luxe? Would you like to see it more on my blog, maybe some how to style? Active wear is super comfy and great for those who wan’t to look fashionable and sporty.

– A.L X


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