Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog!

I thought for today’s post I’d do something that I’m currently relating to; boho/summer vibes, but winter style?

This year I really connected with summer and the summer style, such a good vibe, and now that it’s autumn here in Australia I’m not ready to say goodbye to the neutral tones and linen pieces. When I was thinking of a title for this post I really wanted it to be something “beachy”; living in Australia there’s obviously an ocean almost everywhere and being real, it doesn’t get as cold as places like England would get (depending on where you live in Aus). Where I live is all about the chilled beach life and I wanted to to take that style into Winter, so I went on the trusty Verge Girl and found some pieces that are perfect for those going into winter but holding onto summer.


stripe top here / oversized button up here / white wrap top here

mustard knit here / mint shirt here / nude pants here

maxi dress here / knit dress here / cord skirt here


When I was looking for pieces to add in this post I wanted to stick with the theme of linen and neutral tones; for me, that’s what a beachy chic look is. The best way to transition from summer to winter is to swap a t-shirt with a jumper or a longer shirt; blouses are the perfect piece to go from day to night and they look perfect with jeans. Oversized pieces is also so trendy this winter and comfortable, I highly recommended everyone getting one piece that’s oversized – not to mention they’re easy to throw on and can make you look so fashionable. If you’re someone who was totally obsessed with summer and not ready to give it up, stick with the neutral tones and pastels such as blue and pink; also don’t put away your linen pieces just yet. You can take almost anything and add another element to make it perfect for winter. If you have a cute top you’re not ready to put away, add a biker jacket on top; in love with a skirt, knee high boots to keep the rest of your legs warm!


I can’t wait to be rocking some of these looks in winter! For those who have just hit summer this is your time to shine! 

– A.L X


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