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Happy Met Gala day! This is probably my favourite day of the year because who doesn’t love the Met?!

This year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” which really speaks for itself. We’re expected to see a lot of crosses and a bit more conservative looks maybe?

Let’s get straight into my favourite looks from this year’s Met Gala!

Lynda Carter in Zac Posen: I’m actually obsessed with this gown, I think Lynda Carter looks like an actual Queen.


Rita Ora in Prada: I wasn’t totally blown away by this look but I do really love it; the head piece is just stunning and the yellow bag really brings the look together.


Lily Collins in Givenchy: I thought this whole look was so perfect for the theme, I’m so obsessed with how perfect this is.


Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta: I think it’s amazing to see the different looks at the Met; from talking about what Lily Collins just wore, compared to Kate Bosworth who looks like shes about to get married, it’s amazing to see two completely different but beautiful looks.


Rihanna in custom Maison Margiela by John Galliano: I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of this look and I totally understand why, but if anyone could pull it off it could only be Rihanna and I think she looks incredible.


Kate Upton in Zac Posen: I don’t have a lot to say about this look apart from it being beautiful.


SZA in Versace: I’m so in love with this look, it’s so elegant and the colours are so stunning. I love the gold head piece; so many beautiful details.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren: I’ll be bias because I love Rosie but her outfit fit the theme perfectly and she looked stunning.


Amber Heard in Carolina Herrera: Being honest, the only reason why I think this outfit fits the theme is because of the head piece. Beautiful dress, there could be a little more to it though.


Ruby Rose in Tommy Hilfiger: I’m not in love with this outfit but I think it’s perfect for the Met and the theme.


Jourdan Dunn wearing Diane von Furstenberg: I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH!!


Katy Perry in Versace: There is absolutely nothing to hate when it comes to this outfit. It fits the theme perfectly and Katy Perry looks amazing in it. I personally wouldn’t have gone for knee high boots, but the big angel wings makes up for that.


Ariana Grande in Vera Wang: Another beautiful “bride”; Ariana looks stunning, as always and of course the Vera Wang gown is to die for.


Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra: All I can say about this outfit is; love.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce & Gabbana: What I love the most about D&G is that you can tell it’s D&G before you even look at it properly. I think SJP totally nailed this look and it’s beyond perfect for the theme.


Greta Gerwig in The Row: I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite look but I do like it! Another outfit that is perfect for the theme.


Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto in Gucci: I actually screamed when I saw Lana and Jared, I’m not even exaggerating right now, I screamed. Lana looks beyond stunning and Jared Leto is the love of my life who can never do wrong. Of course it’s Gucci.


Chadwick Boseman in Versace: I think this is the most amazing look I’ve seen from all the males at the Met.


Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren: I love everything about this look.


Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton: I’m not blown away by this look but it’s stunning and powerful.


Winnie Harlow in Tommy Hilfiger: Can this please be my wedding dress?! The head piece is actually to die for.


Stella Maxwell in Moschino: I feel like this is one of those dresses that you buy praying you’re going to have an excuse to wear it. Everything about it is perfect, for this look less is more.


Cardi B in Moschino: I actually love this look so much, well done to Cardi B, she looks stunning and it’s so perfect for the theme.


Cara Delevingne in Dior Haute Couture: It’s something a little different but I love.


Zendaya in Atelier Versace: I’m getting some Joan of Arc vibes and I’m loving it. Zendaya always looks amazing.


Emilia Clarke in Dolce & Gabbana: I feel like they should’ve based the theme off D&G because every one of their gowns would be so perfect.


Alexa Chung in Alexa Chung: I love EVERYTHING about this look.


Blake Lively in Atelier Versace: I actually wanted to scream when I saw this look. Blake blew me away and I think she hands down, has the best outfit at the Met Gala 2018.

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Christian Combs in Dolce & Gabbana: D&G providing us with more amazing looks!



That is all my favourites from this year’s Met Gala! I would love to know who was your favourite look? Mine was obviously Blake Lively, but I’m pretty impressed with how many people actually stuck to the theme this year. Of course there are plenty of people who weren’t even close and should look for a stylist, but I think everyone else looked amazing.

– A.L X

5 thoughts on “MET GALA 2018

  1. Fab picks! I thought Stella Maxwell’s look and dress was incredible, can’t even imagine the work that went in to that. Also couldn’t agree more on Chadwick Boseman- one of my all time fave male Met looks! x

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  2. I didn’t have a chance to watch the MET gala last night! But, love this looks and this article! I was going to post something similar, because I knew there would be some outstanding looks! Great post ❤️

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